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CDL Driver

We're hiring CDL drivers to join our growing team. As a CDL driver at SeaSound Transport, you'll be responsible for transporting goods safely and efficiently while providing exceptional customer service. Join us and grow your career in the trucking industry.


Seattle Washington



What You’ll Do

  • As a CDL Driver at SeaSound Transport, you'll play a vital role in safely transporting goods to their destinations. With your expertise in operating commercial vehicles and adherence to safety regulations, you'll ensure the secure and timely delivery of our clients' cargo.

  • Operate our well-maintained fleet and navigate various routes to deliver shipments to local and long-distance destinations. Your driving skills and knowledge of transportation regulations will be essential in providing reliable and efficient trucking services.

  • Represent SeaSound Transport professionally during pickups and deliveries, maintaining a positive image with customers and clients. Your dedication to exceptional customer service will contribute to our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

  • Collaborate with our logistics team to coordinate schedules and ensure seamless transportation of goods. Your effective communication and teamwork skills will enhance our overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

  • Prioritize safety and adhere to all transportation laws and company policies to mitigate risks and maintain our commitment to a safe work environment. Your responsible approach to driving will reflect our dedication to safety at every level of our operations.

  • Join a dynamic team and contribute to the success of our growing trucking company. With competitive salaries and a supportive work environment, you'll have the opportunity to grow your career in the trucking industry with SeaSound Transport.

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